6 Simple Tips to Improve Your Fortnite Game

With more people joining the Fortnite bandwagon on a daily basis, the game’s popularity is surging at an alarming rate. However, many players are quickly realizing that this is not their typical Angry Birds adventure. More than basic skills are needed to play and actually win the Victory Royale.

To help you be not only a great fighter, but also a survivor in the Fortnite game, here are 6 tips and tricks that will see you become a master player in no time.

1. Train first, play later

If you haven’t already mastered the controls, the training stage is where you learn to use them.

Most players who directly jump into the game without prior training soon find out what an impulsive decision they made. Before the start of the game, you will be placed together with other players into some lobby. It is here that you take the time to hone your fighting and building skills. You will learn how to use different weapons and practice to shoot. You also get a chance to utilize different materials and learn how to build simple structures.

2. Avoid main regions

Unless you are armed to the teeth and ready to tackle any enemy, you might want to keep away from areas that are buzzing with activities.

These regions are usually marked with yellow arrows, and it is where you encounter other aggressive players trying to take each other down. Examples are Wailing Woods, Fatal Fields, and Titled Towers. There are safe destinations that you can find bountiful supplies and build a basic structure as you prepare to fight.

You probably want to get your hands dirty and land in the middle of the battlefield, but if you’re going to survive longer, you need to be a good strategist and not an aggressive fighter.

3. It’s ok not to fight every enemy you encounter

At the heart of your strategy to winning the Fortnite game should be your desire to survive rather than count innumerable kills. If you are invariably out looking for trouble, you might not survive long enough to taste the victory.

If you must engage, be careful about who you fight.

Sometimes the fight may go sore, and you realize that you are losing. If that happens, it is only wise to run away. Remember, the goal is to survive.

4. Get a shotgun as quickly as possible

A shotgun is more flexible and effective to use in combat.

If you don’t know yet, a shotgun is one of the most valuable weapons you will need in Fortnite. Do not rush to pick unreliable weapons like a sniper rifle. If you get in a hot fight, you may never get to use it before you are wiped out.

Do not be lured by huge weapons that may be cumbersome to use in battle. Shotguns are perfect for fights of close proximity and taking out rivals inside buildings.

5. Take enemies out before looting

Make sure that the area is clear before taking the loot

To win the Fortnite game, you need plenty of supplies. That means you will have to loot now and then. But remember that as you strive to replenish your supplies, many of the other players are also doing the same thing.

If you find yourself in a new area and need to look for supplies, you should do so vigilantly. Before you plunge into a loot crate, make sure that the area is clear. If you spot anyone lingering around, take them out as soon as possible.

6. Do not mess with the storm

The storm is your biggest enemy

You might evade being killed by the other players, but if you are caught in a storm, all your efforts might be thwarted in the blink of an eye. If you must fear and run away from anything in the Fortnite game, let it be the storm.

The storm is your biggest enemy, but you cannot fight it off like you would do the other players keeping you from the Victory Royale. If you want to increase your chances of survival, especially after you manage to make it to the top 10, run away from the storm.

These are some of the crucial tips and tricks to use in the Fortnite game. In whatever you do to win the Victory Royale, make survival your top priority. Do not engage everyone. Sometimes, it is alright to run away from a severe battle. Always, strive to survive.

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How to Win More Games in Fortnite

Fortnite has taken the internet by storm for obvious reasons. It is an engaging and interesting game, and there is nothing as satisfying as winning the game. Winning more games in Fortnite depends on your approach. It is a game of strategy and skills because the idea is to stay as much as possible in the battlefield and become the last man standing in the island.

If you have been playing the game unsuccessfully, then it is time to learn some skills that will help you win the game.

Strategies to help you win in Fortnite

Gather materials early

The key to surviving long on the game is to make sure that you collect as many materials as possible in the early stages of the game. You need to remember that the key is survival is protecting yourself and building a safe spot away from destruction.

Before the fight becomes intense, make sure that you have accumulated bricks, metal, and wood. You will use these materials to build walls, bridges and other defense mechanisms that will help you stay longer in the game. The best time to collect these materials is when the game is just beginning.

Know your weapons

You will use weapons to defend yourself from attacks. The fortnite game offers you a variety of weapon, and the idea is to make sure that you choose the right weapons. Choosing the right weapons for the attack is important so that you can survive for a long time.

For instance, always use a sniper when you want to take an enemy from a long distance. A short gun is a right weapon when making a short distance shot. Learning how to use machine guns, pistols, bows, and grenade launchers is the best way to go about it. When it comes to using weapons, it is all about making decisions fast.

Choose your attacks

It is important to choose your attacks strategically. You need to know when to fight and when to treat. It is always dangerous to engage in a fight if you do not have the right weapons to follow through.

Before you go to attack someone, make sure that you have everything needed to make the attack. For instance, if you are low on tools and food supplies, then it is advisable to wait and make an attack when the environment is suitable.

Learn how to build

Building defenses will go a long way in keeping you safe in the game. For beginners, building a defence might be difficult and especially if you do not know how to use the game controls. Fortunately, building a defense does not take a lot of time, and you can learn how to do it. You do not have to wait until the enemy is near you before building a wall. Learn how to build walls and defenses in the early stages of the game, and this will save you the trouble.

Use your weapons and health supplies wisely

The fortnite game is all about strategy, and this means that you should be strategic in how to use your weapons and food. For instance, if you feel that you are going low on health items, it is advisable that you build a good defense instead of making an attack.

On the other hand, if you feel that if you feel that your health supply is good, then you can go ahead and make an attack. Remember also to use the rare weapons only when necessary. If you use the rare weapons carelessly, then you won’t benefit from them when you need them.

Don’t be afraid to experiment

The only sure way to be good at the game is to try out new things. You can never really know the right strategy if you have not yet tried it. Using weapons and building defense is the common approach to winning the game. However, we still have other ways of winning the game through strategy and trying out new things.

For instance, you can decide to use a new weapon and see how that works out or you can even drop to a new location that you have never tried before. With strategy and experimenting, you will be surprised at how much the game has to offer.

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